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To some, that has made them seem dark and appealing. There had been a long-running argument in the band: With AnimalsWaters pared back any unessential arrangements or textures, and that gave Gilmour cause to worry about future recordings. But when the humping was male-on-female, owners were far less likely to stop it. Halfway through their set, Waters said:

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A social media mob successfully persuades Harvard to rescind the admission of a conservative Parkland survivor.

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Frederick Turner was sentenced to a mandatory 40 years on nonviolent drug and firearm charges. It was instead the moment that honored their reason for being in the first place. Seven years later, the epic and bleak The Wall only made them bigger. Syd Barrett, a man who had been mysterious and lonely for decades, had been the heart of Pink Floyd in its earliest days — he wrote their songs, gave them their style, made them a force in the British music scene — but inWaters, Mason and Wright threw him out of the band after he slipped into mental disintegration.

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Gilmour thought about it for a day and gave in.

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