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We're talking about the outing of allegedly gay politicians and political operatives who have opposed gay rights. It was only much later that Evertz learned Hernandez, who had been with Bush since serving as his driver and personal aide in the early s, was gay. He was overruled, and the flier went out anyway. One of the premises of outing, is that, if all the people who were in the closet were out, then we would look around us and we would see all of these gay people, our prejudices would be undone because we would see all these people who we were close to and we assume were straight are actually gay. He was calling Democratic legislators whose votes might be needed to pass a compromise and threatening blackmail if they supported one. If no one thought twice about Gurley being gay before, his prospective new bosses did mind the details of his profile once Rogers made it public.

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John McConnell was on the Bush-Cheney campaign in and went on to serve as a top White House speechwriter for all eight years.

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North Carolina gay man defends voting for Pat McCrory

And I think that that's something you have to think about when you're talking about outing. He is one of the people interviewed in the new documentary "Outrage" about the outing of allegedly gay politicians who've opposed gay rights. We believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman, and should be defended. So let me ask you: Now I personally have qualms about the role of the religious right in Republican Party politics.

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Dan Gurley is a former chief of staff for Congressman Cass Ballenger, former deputy political director for the Republican National Committee, current member of the State Ports Authority, and, to his knowledge, the first openly gay Republican appointed to a state board or commission by a Republican leader Thom Tillis and confirmed by a Republican-controlled legislature. He sat at his desk for what felt like an hour thinking: Constitution that would ban same-sex marriage. I answered that yes, in fact I was. It took several weeks before I could put it up on my wall. Pat McCrory, without hesitation.

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