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I could feel the stiffness of his cock and it compelled mine to grow hard and rise inside my jeans, yanking out pubes as it lengthened. Finally I bottomed out. I have a habit of making outrageous statements. A few hairs sprouted there and it was barely sticky. Subscribe Subcribe to this video owner. He did.

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I just kept pushing and emptying until the tidal wave of pleasure began to ebb, leaving me shaking and just a little bit delirious.

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Comments 0 Share. I finally stepped away from him and he stood up. I fell into him, devouring him with my mouth, my lips tasting the flesh behind his ear, his ear lobes, his throat, then landing on his lips to greedily suck at his mouth. I had other plans for that sperm.

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Usually they want to focus on the mechanics of sucking and fucking.

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