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Of course, we expected strange looks at the workplace, but never expected the amount of support we have received. After a clampdown on the personal importation of prescription drugs by the FDAwomen in the USA face possible customs detention and non-delivery of their orders. I disclaim any responsibility for extracts that have appeared elsewhere that might imply that it does. Anti-androgen agents are often used in combination with estrogens in hormonal reassignment therapy to further decrease male secondary sexual characteristics. What do you do when you're drawn to religion despite the fact that your religion wants to reform you, erase you, abhor you? My work colleagues and Coca-Cola have been more supportive and encouraging than I ever imagined.

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Potential Risks The taking of female hormones by a male-to-female transsexual has associated risks which can in extreme cases be life threatening.

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When Greenberg tried to engage the synagogue rabbi in dialogue and said that some young gay people are in so much pain they attempt suicide, the synagogue rabbi replied, "Maybe it's a mitzvah for them to do so. Effects of Hormone Treatment A post male puberty male-to-female transsexual who commences female hormone treatment is effectively triggering some aspects of a second, female type, puberty in her body. Professor Marie-Pier Ysser, formally the showgirl "Bambi". In a transsexual woman the surgical removal of the testes either during sex re-assignment surgery or by a bilateral orchidectomy castration is highly desirable because of the virilizing effects of the testosterone they produce. History of renal disease. Put Down That Armadillo Shoe!

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What kind of impact do you think this reception will have on the larger business community? Progesterone is very important during pregnancy and pregnant women have lots of progesterone, which helps their bodies support the developing baby. History of renal disease. Not all transgender people, however, are cross-dressers. Premarin or 2 mg estradiol by mouth, or 50 micrograms estradiol skin patch.

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