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The risk of this approach is that if hormone levels particularly testosterone have not reached the target range, but progress is judged as appropriate based on clinical exam, a suboptimal degree of feminization is possible, and the presence of supraphysiologic levels would also be obscured. The Williams Institute, While manipulation of dosing regimens and choice of medication can allow patients to achieve this goal, it is important to have a clear discussion with patients regarding expectations and unknowns. Management of transgenderism. Lteif AN expert opinion.

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GnRH and gonadotropins.

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The legal rights of transpeople have been recognised in the Gender Recognition Act and the majority of trans people have the right to change their birth certificate when they are stable and established in their new gender role. Retrieved from " https: People with mental health issues can be treated, but they require careful assessment to ensure the gender identity disorder is not related to the underlying mental health issue. Sublingual testosterone can also be made by some compounding pharmacies.

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This study also found decreases in sexual desire after genital surgery.

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