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It must be interesting to see meatheads sing along to "Gay Bar. Stuart Bradbury Damien Mendis. Languages Polski Edit links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Was it a natural evolution? We play a lot of inside jokes, which aren't even funny to us.

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The video depicts a series of Abraham Lincoln look-alikes in the White Houseportrayed primarily by the band's lead singer Dick Valentine, but stand-ins were used for some scenes.

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Need to Know: Electric Six

The video is older than and predates YouTube. We enjoy making them but we're not going to force it. Award for Best Single. The other things we did was tack on gratuitous outros to a lot of the songs to extend them. Formed nearly 15 years ago, Electric Six has a loyal following of macho bros and gay men alike.

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With six people in the band there is a struggle bringing in multimedia. Do you use graphics or incorporate any of your videos into your live performances? It came out intwelve years ago. The opening act that will be touring with you on the East Coast, the Constellations, has such an appropriate band name considering your new album. We are in a happier time I think. Archived from the original on I can't tell you how many times they will come up to us and be like, 'I'm not gay and all but I love "Gay Bar" -- not that I'm gay.

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