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This was fun to run across after chatting with an old punk about some of the skate rinks around Puget Sound. Glad to have been young at just that particular moment in the 80s. That was like the pinnacle of all the clubs, to graduate to that one. Former Oregon State steepler and assistant coach L Toy Plane Press fucking.

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The Monastery had a reputation larger than life.

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At the time he seemed to me the ultimate artist. Aimee Whalen Knierim May 20, 9: Morgan May 1, 1: Former Husky assistant coach Kelly Strong reemerge I too had friends who died. My Nova guy comes back for a visit. Remember the white parties?

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Doug H January 3, 3: Lots of good punk out in Tacoma area too. Remember the long and pointy Fluvogs that you had to stuff with toilet paper to keep them from curling up too much? My boyfriend Ben was the prettiest thing I had ever seen. There are also groups devoted to City Beat and The Monastery, folks.

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