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So, Old Charley put one of those diapers on me, and by the time he was finished, my pecker was pretty stiff. I asked him how we're gettin up there, and he said he figgered on hikin'. It was getting late one Thursday, and the campsite had good water pressure and temperature in the showers, but consider the unexpected increase in students this summer, it ran out quickly. Without speaking, I just readjusted my dick so it pointed up and rested between his cheeks. My tackle box was there with it. I reached for his bag and pulled out his shampoo bottle, squirting some in my hand and lathering it in his hair. As his tongue got down near my pecker, I told him to wait that I had to piss before he got too far.

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Jim did not look like a happy camper excuse the pun at the moment.

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Summer Camp -- 2 Boys 1 Shower

Was he also turned on, or was it just the fact that he was being touched by someone? Or is Kai the one who needs serious help Well, this sounds kinda interestin'. Old Charley, he wanted to get lots of candy 'n stuff, but I talked him into some hamburg 'n potatoes 'n stuff. It didn't really go all of the way around him, like they do on a baby, but it did pretty good.

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Tangled - Part Nineteen. That tells you I may not be too picky. So Friday after school, I got my tent out and got it all looked over and ready to go, and dug out some blankets to take. It was fun watchin' her. I was no jock, but I had a slim build with subtle pecs and average arms, and camp was the best way to keep my shape.