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It is sad that, in the name of aid strings attachedwe are forced to take in whatever the America and its friends deem to be good. Like in genesis, what I got from that?? Many people have genetic and social dispositions that make them prone to fits of rage or anger. It only heightens the anger and revulsion over homosexuals. My main argument, and not to go off track, is that the question of homosexuality should be left to a society to determine for its self. Dessert Foxx, David Aris, et al, read this simple piece.

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Since when you become law giver?

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HOCD: Homosexual OCD & Sexual Orientation OCD

Many are quite upstanding citizens; generous, loving people. Women have been viewed as property thousands of years and were given very few allowances. There absolutely is hope for homosexuals. Horny Twinks Amateur Movie I know what you mean about picking out small portions of the Bible.

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The definition of equality has no relevance to what you just said about acceptance. You can find his explorations of those passages here: You might want to check that. First the girl got shock, shied, did not want. I love our country. Hope you know your history! Do you really worry that humanity will become extinct in our over-populated world!

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