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There was times where he would give me a little extra. So, it was my sadness that he chose this route to do it so publically, when I thought it would have been more honorable for him to do it quietly. Jones grew up in Edgewater, Colorado, a Denver suburb. So you physically are saying you saw him do it physically once in front of you? But a couple in Congress… As far as clergy goes, which I had a lot… I would go to events. Anyway, you took Haggard off his high-horse, where he was harming people, and brought him down to human-size.

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Pastor's alleged lover speaks out Open in new window.

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Mike Jones (personal trainer)

I gave my soul to help the cause. And prostitution is a bad thing only if people are coerced into prostitution by unfortunate life circumstances. You have to understand what the New Lif Church is all about. But Ted Haggard is asking the same things: But it allows me to really get my emotions out there. What is interesting, when he first contacted me, he told me he was Art from Kansas City, and for the first several months, it always came from a blocked number, from a caller I. And they were doing a show on the anti-Christ, and all of a sudden his face shows up as an expert.

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I think the depression probably existed far before Haggard and I hope he gets help with that. You also are not a victim unless you choose to see yourself that way. Money is an issue for all of us for sure and the fact Jones is broke is I am sure is a totally serious matter. Jones, when interviewed by telephone, said he felt bad for Haggard during the tough times: Mike has taken a great personal risk in order to help all of us.

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