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Although she epitomizes the perfect nanny, Poppins does not give her employers any notice. Nan becomes a reluctant pawn in the marital drama of Mr. X, and Paul Giamatti as Mr. After a brief conversation with Poppins, Mrs. They might not work for everyone and some might hate the endingbut overall it's a decent movie effort. X on a bender, eating mini donuts in the back of her limo wearing only a fur, or flirting with a doorman or something. I found it quite irritating that this "modern-day Mary Poppins" followed the bizarre precedent of its predecessor in ultimately placing much of the blame for the children's woes in the lap of the overly hard-working father who is, at least, providing income for the family while the mother is off pursuing her own unrelated interests.

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Chris Evans is the neighborly Harvard Hottie. S-word spoken 9 times. On the day before Valentine's Day, Nan is working on a paper for school when H. We see Mr.

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X arrives five minutes before the class starts, and Nan rushes to leave.

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