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She found some roles in London and, as a member of Weedon Grossmith's company, toured in England. Police raided gay enterprises and arrested patrons, many of whom were sentenced to jail. Alfred Lunt took his final curtain call in Augusta few days before his 85th birthday. Advertise About Tips Contact Us. Behrman comedy, faults them for being " too good.

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He is buried next to his wife at the Forest Home Cemetery in Milwaukee.

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#BornThisDay: Actor, Alfred Lunt

They became known as the first family of the American theater, but theirs was a lavender marriage that is, a marriage of a gay man and a lesbian designed to create and sustain the illusion of heterosexualityand their presentation of themselves as the ideal American couple may have been their most skillful performance. Please fill out this field with valid email address. Advertise About Tips Contact Us. Inwhen Lunt was 27 and Fontanne 32, they joined the same stock company, and as he arrived backstage for the first rehearsal of "A Young Man's Fancy" he saw her seated in the wings, a few steps below. I'd Mention to the cosmos, you Swing a wicked bromide. Until they became an acting couple, Fontanne had been considered rather plain and far from elegant, while Lunt had felt uncomfortable the only time he played a straight romantic lead -- in a silent film, "Backbone. In their youth, the Lunts were innovators.

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Retrieved 27 October Login or Sign up. But although they stayed together until Lunt died at 84 and acted together in 26 plays, their marriage became and remains food for speculation. Lynn Fontanne, however, had long dreamed of becoming a professional actress. In sum, Peters captures the effervescence of the Lunts, their dazzle behind the footlights, and the glamour of their world. Djuna Barnes, author of that enduring cult masterpiece "Nightwood," also wrote theatrical profiles for New York magazines.

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