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Some cheered while others jeered. When I left the race on Saturday, I felt extremely proud of myself for having raised such an important awareness on crucial issues that continue to plague our country on a daily basis especially considering the many issues we have read, seen and heard in the news this past year. As we lined up at the Union Buildings to start the race, some walked up to us and said: As I made my way to the race, I actually drove back home just 1. In a post-race conversation, Tshepo explained: I would like to reiterate that I cannot even begin to claim to have experienced what those who are treated otherwise by various sectors of society for not conforming to societal norms and standards or women who are brave enough to speak out against all kinds of perpetrators go through.

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A couple of seconds later Afrika Tau arrived.

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Bravery is the bottom line

We took it all in our stride. However, Saturday morning as I woke up to get ready for the race; I started to feel very apprehensive thinking of all the stares I will have to endure. A select few took out their phones and snapped away as we smiled at their cameras. Before I knew it, I heard Tshepo calling: As we posed for pictures just minutes before the race started, facial expressions of photo bombers can be memes of all kinds of connotations.

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Immediately after receiving our medals, we were treated like celebrities of sorts as almost everyone wanted to pose for pictures with us. We took it all in our stride. As we went back to the same route for the second lap to complete our We gladly obliged to such requests because we did not want to take anything away from our cause. No matter how hard I try, I cannot even begin to imagine the humiliation rape survivors are subjected to by society. Similarly, I can somehow imagine that those who go through the most are initially prejudiced in various ways but ultimately applauded by everyone including the naysayers. When my homeboy Tshepo Makwela recruited me to join him and his fellow club member Afrika Tau from the Fat Cats AC in running the annual Tom Jenkins Challenge Race in Pretoria on Saturday 18 November in nothing but a speedo, I could not have foreseen the important life lessons that I would take away with me after finishing the half marathon.

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