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While Doublelist will probably be the future of classified sex ads, at the moment it is still a very new site, created in only April When I first discovered personals in I quickly realized I could summon sex from online. The number of craigslist ads that I would just scroll past was incredible The massage table was wobbly and wouldn't be able to support us if we were to get busy. Bitch please, you probably already have your matted ass wigs and tranny gear in your car trunk for when you go trolling for repressed closet cock in seedy areas.

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Doublelist is a classified site that is like craigslist, but with some new twists.

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25 Best Craigslist Personals Alternatives, We Asked You To Vote, Here are the Top Replacements

Click Here for a sample. I really, really miss Craigslist ads. Other than that you'll have to go back to the parks. I have several Gmail accounts like that. I've had to remove some from this list because they either decided to shut down or were forced to months after Fosta was passed think backpage. Grindr Is still my go-to for normal hookups because of the sheer number of choices. The first guy I met was a fashion design student.

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The city section can also be used to post ads for rural areas nearby. Can you add that to the list. Checking my inbox was an addiction that consumed entire days, I even had to resort to turning on password filters so I could get a break. Please check your mail and click on the link in the email to complete your subscription. Perhaps it is a GOOD thing you need to put more than five seconds into a hookup. Its maybe not an exact replacement but definitely and alternative.

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