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There are a plethora of clubs, organizations, and mentoring opportunities specific to the LGBTQ community. To this end, we will ask our Committee on Campus and Religious Life -- a group comprising students, faculty, and staff -- to assemble and discuss the extent of the considerations that should be made on this issue at the beginning of the spring semester. Approximately 50k students, evenly split between undergraduates and graduates, attend NYU. Their resources go above and beyond many other colleges and universities. I've been in many classes where professors encourage students to argue from liberal AND conservative viewpoints in order to help students to see all sides of an issue. They also host student forums, mentoring opportunities, support groups, and ally training. With an emphatic commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusivity, the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire is home to diverse cultural programming, support services, and a LGBTQ Resource Center that works hard to keep the campus accountable to its stated commitment to equality.

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For those who are looking for a smaller school experience and can afford the higher price tag, Oberlin is a great option.

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Davidson College

The Stonewall Center at the University of Massachusetts—Amherst gives its students as many opportunities for involvement it can. The University of Houston is, undeniably, one of the best schools in the nation for trans students. Also, LGBT students are socially accepted, but in a school of onlythere just are not alot of them. Their non-discrimination statement includes sexual orientation and gender identity and expression. Not only does SOU train its faculty and staff on sexual orientation and gender identity issues, they provide ongoing training for hate crime prevention, trans-specific concerns, and LGBTQ-specific career services.

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The heart of LGBTQ life at Penn is found in the resource center, where students can take part in workshop and outreach programs, connect with a queer mentor, apply for travel fund assistance, make a name change, and get involved in one of the many organizations and student clubs. I do know homosexual people, but many people here seem to struggle with their sexuality and feel pressure to fit the overall hetereosexual mold of the student body if that makes any sense! Williams College is located in Williamstown, MA, and though it concludes our ranking of the friendliest and most inclusive colleges and universities for LGBTQ students, it is still a great option for several reasons. Likewise, residence staff and campus security staff are fully trained to deal with LGBTQ hate crimes and incidents. Indeed, all new faculty members are trained on the nuances of sexual orientation and gender expression.

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