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Waldron, however, believed the enemy forces lay in a different direction. The examination of how his sympathetic view of homosexuality became circumscribed reveals not only the gap between clinical insights and public policy, but also how tentative views of homosexuality in public debate among liberal psychiatrists during the decade preceding the war contributed to the failure to make non-homophobic policy in the s. All 15 torpedoes failed to score any hits. Don't have an account? Under the new policy, gay, lesbian and bisexual Americans could serve their country, as long as they kept their sexual identity under wraps. Others were assigned to hard labour for a few weeks to 'knock the queerness out of them' and turn them into 'real men'.

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He returned to a society where discrimination against gay people remained rife.

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The military, psychiatry, and "unfit" soldiers, 1939-1942.

Over five million men served in the British armed forces during World War 2. Others were assigned to hard labour for a few weeks to 'knock the queerness out of them' and turn them into 'real men'. It was not until that homosexual men and women were finally allowed to serve in the armed forces. Find out how you can use this. Inthe Pentagon announced it would lift the ban on women serving in ground-combat units.

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Indeed, homosexuality was grounds for dismissal from the forces and for harsh imprisonment. In the aftermath of World War Ithe military made the act of sodomy a crime subject to punishment by a court-martial. The two managed to find 15 cases of Norwegian men who were convicted of having homosexual relations with Germans during the five years Norway was occupied. Published by Oxford University Press. February 7, -

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