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Don't get me wrong: But not all gay men are able to live up to Bianchi's standards, even with a rigorous diet and exercise regiment. In most of the developing world, schools don't have gyms, period. Anti-gay politicians are more than ready to pathologize any traits gay men may have in common. He was a hot, Jewish doctor from Eastern Europe with green eyes and a gorgeous physique.

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There were plenty of other "qualified" guys for him to date, and so I thought I should try to make my body look like theirs.

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The presence of ripped dudes can drive five others off the self-esteem cliff. Oh, the one with big shoulders carrying a briefcase down Fifth Avenue--follow him! But the same research shows gay men are motivated less by the desire to be healthy, and more "for the express purpose of increasing attractiveness. That isn't to say Bianchi is wrong, it's just to admit that not all historians agree with the assertion that history shows a ubiquitous privileging of muscularity.

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Absolutely and unequivocally.

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