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They helped me as I climbed into the sling and laid down on my back with my legs in the stirrups and my ass and cock on display. Jack poured some white powder onto a silver tray, made neat little lines and handed it first to Danny who used a straw and snorted three lines. Jack had fisted me! Of course I told him that he could be the second as I wanted to fuck his ass. I'd been in it before. I glad he rested for a moment as I need this time to adjust to this monster. All I could do was lay there and catch my breadth.

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You tend to compare each visit with the " best " visit you have ever had, which is not a good idea.

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Oh Fuck !!!

Danny and I used to go to his place in the afternoons where we watched his extensive collection of leather fisting pornos which totally got me hot! Several times he pulled the sling back and forth, each time going a little deeper. It came up against my sphincter and I was sure that was going to be it. His cock slipped in and he used the swinging motion the sling to fuck me. God it was too much!!! I want a big fist in my ass! To celebrate my initiation Jack offered to take us both out to dinner and a night at the 'Slot' which was one of my favorite leather bath houses.

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I knew all of this from across the bar, just looking at him. Now all eyes were on us as he took the position between my legs. You tend to compare each visit with the " best " visit you have ever had, which is not a good idea. After a few more quick in and outs he stopped and remained inside of me while our breathing returned to normal. I walked into the room, and quickly stripped naked. I reached over and took his cock in my hand and proceed to play with it. Change picture Your current user avatar, all sizes:

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