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In Jamaica and Barbados conviction for sodomy carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. Is homosexuality legal in Trinidad and Tobago? However, the anal intercourse provision between minors have been removed. The court also reasoned in its ruling that this threat is sanctioned by the state, and that it serves to justify the belief that LGBT people are criminals and are therefore deemed to be of a lesser value than other people. Jones and his QC, Richard Drabble, meanwhile, are confident. June 21, Report.

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Current status since May 18,

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Trinidad and Tobago: Court Overturns Same-Sex Intimacy Ban

In JulyJustice Frank Seepersad of the San Fernando High Court approved an order to resolve a property dispute between two gay partners who had both a personal and a business relationship. Quick guide What are the laws against homosexuality in the Caribbean? Thomson Reuters Foundation - Gay sex between consenting men in Trinidad and Tobago could soon be decriminalised following a court judgment that campaigners said might spark similar decisions elsewhere in the Caribbean. Conversion therapy in Trinidad and Tobago? Most Shared January 30, Dispatches.

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Until Sep 11, Trinidad and Tobago is considered a "relatively safe" destination for gay travellers. Current status since Jan 31, It is a resounding win for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender LGBT activists in the country and in particular for Jason Jones, the claimant in the case. Colin Robinson, director of the Coalition Advocating for Inclusion of Sexual Orientation, warned there was a long way to go.

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