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The artists looked at me with their sad eyes. If you refused to make your moves on a gay character then you are received rivalry points for not wanting to be gay for the character," the petition states. Qwery me this, Gay Gamers: Gay Gamers Want Dragon Age 2 Writer Fired A gay gamer has launched a petition calling on BioWare to fire Dragon Age 2 lead writer David Gaider - yes, the one who so passionately defended gay romances in games - for disrespectfully stereotyping homosexuals. Which was pretty stupid. No matter what you do, you can never make everyone happy.

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Isabella and her giant knockers every females giant knockers, come to think of it.

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Dragon Age: Origins, Sexual Orientation, and Player Choice

Not an unrealistic expectation. Anders was pretty aggressive. Thurkear could give loads of presents to Morrigan and she hasbut Morrigan will never, ever return her feelings, no matter how much Morrigan likes Thurkear. On top of all this it's obvious that Bioware took to heart the criticism we had about Zevran in the first Dragon Age with it's romance choices and changed things because of it. I personally love the romances for Alistair, Zevran, and Morrigan and have romanced them all multiple times I'm not a huge fan of the Leliana romance, but I've done it. Here is what made me love Fenris:

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In all that time Fenris never once mentions anything about that night? Iron Bull Iron Bull is a Qunari mercenary who you can recruit into your party fairly early in the game. Well yeah, Anders was really annoying. This is just stupid. As a male, I discussed with him his bisexuality, and he admitted he was much more attracted to the curves of a female, but also found men attractive. Romance with Morrigan is to influence the plot of DA:

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