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PhantasmKari PhantasmKari 8 years ago 25 technically, even if there is something pushing a straight pairing in the beginning you can chalk it up to royal planned-marriages. If you bump into a lady and the popup says she's your Love, that means she's gay or bisexual. Arqade works best with JavaScript enabled. Further we can be critical of the fact that children, guards, enemies, and other NPCs you cannot seduce notably have no sexuality listed. Once my butler wakes me up, if I chose to play as the prince I must go meet my female friend after I get dressed. Topic Archived First Previous Page 3 of 3. Yet, and this is the second problem, games as fantasy spaces have the potential to disentangle queerness from experiences of violence and without relying on oversimplified notions of identity.

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Homosexuals in Fable

Game in Culture London: I have found a few that I can't even befriend. Related Posts Watching E3: In Fable IIthe rigid emphasis on labeling and clear distinction between identity categories shifts. SE is still in commitment phase. Seem to remember that if you were dressed nice, and presented well, that more people would be fonder of you. According to the game, it would seem that children have no sexuality and that your sexuality only exists as it impacts me.

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Seem to remember that if you were dressed nice, and presented well, that more people would be fonder of you. It is also indicative of larger systemic problems in how marginalized characters are incorporated into games. All of the villagers in the game are programmed to be able to fall in love with the player-character though it does still seem there are more female characters than male characters who fall for my male avatar. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. SE is still in commitment phase. A very easy way to find lesbians crops up if you've finished the game as a good guy with enough money to save most or all of the citizens of Albion. Follow Martin Varsavsky on Twitter:

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