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I walked towards him and said, "You've got a great body there, dude. He ordered me to take down my pants and removed his belt. My cock was raging hard. Todd, Paul and Chuck seemed to have plenty of new ideas, and we all seemed to have enough cum to last throughout the weekend of sucking fucking and experimenting. I didn't hear the door open again, but I did hear Todd's voice. In no time, his big dick was up my ass and I was loving it. But the thought of being naked in the sun thrilled me.

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Anyway it was still only 5 am, there would be no one around, so I quickly got up and made my way to the spot.

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Our tongues saying things to each other we could not say verbally. He also reminded me that there would be a Seven a Sides game on Saturday and that I would be required in the showers after the game. I was amazed, I mean I can cum a lot, but that night my cock never seemed to go down. I had never tasted cum, not even my own. I don't know how many I sucked, jerked off, or played with, but I remember to this day the won- derful feeling of cum shooting all over my naked body that night.

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Soon someone lifted my legs and I was carried and gently put down on the floor. It would be perfect, it would just suit you! I felt so free, so exhilarated! I scooped it up with my fingers and savored the taste. He talked about being scared about leaving home, and I confessed I would be very lonely without him. He said that if I was going to make noise, he'd have to stop that and tied a gag on me. Burt, however, was one of the guys who made one of us open their mouths when he came, and more then one of us tasted his cum.

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