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While the positive response has been overwhelming, others have taken to hate speech and calling for boycotts on the Facebook page. Tech culture. One cannot help but wonder why both an American show host, and an American family organization would interfere in a strictly British campaign. This goes for age-conditional and illegal substances, but for marketing as well. Listen navigate down. Please be respectful when making a comment and adhere to our Community Guidelines.

heinz ad pushes gay marriage
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But instead of getting the agreement she thought she deserved, she was properly put in her place by a Facebook user who had created an account especially to deal with such bigotry.

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Skip to content. One gay marketing agency noted: Of course, drinking beer - and whisk e y - has always been a 'male thing', so many ads have featured best mates enjoying a good time together, some being dubbed having "latent homosexual themes". Categories navigate down.

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Bruce Rauner.

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