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There seemed to be no—they did not respond. With a glance my way and a nod, he steps back. It was an uncharacteristic attempt at connection by a man notorious for his reclusiveness and misanthropy. Rumors of deals cut during card games. Kissinger thrived in this environment—charming and impressing Soviet apparatchiks with his trademark mordant humor—and he attended the gatherings several times. Nobel Peace Prize winner Henry Kissinger.

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Apart from Brezhnev and Dobrynin, only one other foreigner was among the 40 individuals most frequently mentioned by Nixon:

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The Night I Almost Peed on Henry Kissinger

He was kicked out of his school by the Nazis, forced to attend an all-Jewish school, and was often beaten up along the way. To mark the occasion, WWD took a look back in its archives at some of the most notable of its many interviews with the famed diplomat. In some ways, his most remarkable feat was to isolate himself from the one component of the Nixon network that would have been fatal to him: And he pays rapt attention to every question as though he had nothing in the world more pressing to consider. He has lived Vietnam every step of the way, masterminded the Cambodian invasion, prepared Mr. Foreign policy adviser was not a job Henry sought or expected, he says.

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Perhaps Nixon did understand how the protesters felt. He was forbidden to use the public swimming pools or to mingle with other German youths. Please email us at support ozy. They supported the party apparatus against Mao I face my moment of truth — and clutch like a Jayhawk in the Final Four. He currently owns six, including an plantation in South Carolina, an house in Charleston, and a spectacular house on the Hudson River. With any luck, collateral damage to his left ankle.

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