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Over a series of sessions, each man watched color slides of nude males and females of various ages and listened to audiotaped descriptions of both coercive and consensual sexual interactions between a man and a boy. Some evidence and its implications for theory and research. American Journal of Public Health. Contributions of problem-solving appraisal and masculine role conflict. The psychology and philosophy of stress.

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For example, minority stressors for a gay man who is poor would undoubtedly be related to his poverty; together these characteristics would determine his exposure to stress and coping resources Diaz et al.

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The wage effects of sexual orientation discrimination. Ethnic-racial differences in psychological stress related to gay lifestyle among HIV-positive men. It allows them to communicate with each other better and more honestly. Stress, appraisal, and coping. Dissertation Abstracts International, 63,

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The psychology and philosophy of stress. A multiple code account. The association between health risk behaviors and sexual orientation among a school-based sample of adolescents. A study of the sexes in a changing world. The research is at its most sensitive when it touches on sexual orientation. The recordings paired with the pictures of clothed models described the model engaging in neutral activities e.

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