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Or maybe that's the point. This article documents the struggles that some people have gone to in order to gear Tivo's programming to their interests. My Tivo seems to think I like Spanish News shows. Does anyone else find it odd that lots of people are modifying their behavior to change a machine's opinions of them? As people search for items to balance out the site's "perception" of them, they're spending more time on the site looking at merchandise. You know, I just might have to go out and buy a Tivo precisely because John Ashcroft will know I gave a "thumbs down" to the Club. How to make Tivo's suggestions work for you:

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Hit 'record' for those that interest you.

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The important thing is how we respond and grow. If they had spent half the time researching movies that they might be interested in as they spent trying to outwit a machine Read a book! Lukas Karlsson isn't a shadowy stalker.

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