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Cant nothing change that!!! This some boolsheet tho. Maybe to fool men, but I think they want to have the wonderful female experience of menstruation. That is the more sound and balanced exchange, no one gets the upper hand. Fake Vajayjay, fake period. Phuck you, confuse yourself. Get all the way the fugg outta here!

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Come the F on!

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Company Designs Tampons That Bleed for Transgenders

This is a group of people that wish to be heard and accepted but when opposed the accused are seen as transphobic. From cramps, to back pain, bloating, to fatigue I said yall have no uterus and no period, therefore that makes you a biological man. They measure them in gestational age. This is beginning to become to much. They want ppl to be understanding but what about understanding us.

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Maybe a hair growth kit for developing ape like chests. I was gonna send a flare up today if you didn't pop in. They want a partial menstrual without the bloating, cravings, mood swings, cramps etc. Hell I'm a lesbian and even this made me choke on these honeycombs! All I know is we gotta be careful bcuz the govt and Scientist are playing with Mother Nature and at the end of it all, somebody is going to have to answer for all this foolery, fakery, and fukery that is being allowed to go on today.

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