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Plus other Berlin Film Festival selected documentaries. During their journey, both of become more and more attracted to each other and their sturdy bodies. Two cute Thais boys, Toey and Oat, meet in Japan by accident, and fate does the rest. Watch them all on GagaOOLala. When trying to overcome the many obstacles life presents him with, he gets dragged into a spiral of horrible decisions. Thai Film is a beautiful, soft and incredibly romantic gay love story.

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Is this a dream or real life?

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A forbidden affair between two sex-crazed neighbors: There, they can meet some of the most gorgeous and hunky boys on Earth: The chemistry and desire between these two young boys become more and more intoxicating. Their eyes fill with desire, sending the message that they are longing for love and… something else. Years later, they accidently run into each other and Mew turns his own feelings into a song that he sings to Tong. Kai, an innocent newcomer to the building who is constantly receiving un wanted attention, and Pete, another innocent looking boy who, believe me, ends up being not so innocent at all.

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He meets a net friend called Phum. Wine seduced by the vampire is willing to bait other young boys for the vampire to feed in order to extend his life. During this trip, Toey slowly lets his guard down, opens his mind, and tells Oat about his true self. For this young and handsome boy, Ek, serving in the army is a terrifying idea since he has a younger brother needs to tend to. Watch it and find out. A hilarious romantic-erotic comedy.

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